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REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS For: Architectural services for a New Health Department


Robeson County is requesting statements of qualifications from architects

interested in designing a New Health Department building in Robeson County, NC.

The Architect will work with the County to develop a building program, schematic

design, and budget. Once the form of financing is determined and the County

decides to proceed with the project the architect will provide complete design

services through bidding, construction, and closeout. If the County cannot obtain

financing or chooses not to proceed with the project the architect will not·

proceed with the design. It is anticipated that project will be constructed utilizing

the "construction management at risk" delivery method.

In addition to meeting the needs of the building occupants the building should

accomplish the Counties goals as follows:

1. Reduce the total cost of ownership of the facility over 40 years.

2. Mitigate long-term operating risk by eliminating or significantly

reducing electrical costs.

3. Reduce maintenance costs by improving the quality of the facility.


Interested architects shall submit three (3) original copies of qualifications,

8.5 x 11 page format. Proposers are encouraged to organize their submission in the

format listed below. Proposals which include information in all seven (7)

categories listed below will be considered qualified for the purpose of reviewing

proposals. If a proposer does not have the requested information for any item,

the proposer should indicate so in its response. The architect with the most points

will be selected for the project or if the scores are within five points of each other,

the County may interview architects, at its discretion. Robeson County reserves

the right to interview up to three architectural teams that receive the most

points. The maximum number of points for each of the selection criteria is listed


1. Letter of Interest: One page

Letter of interest highlighting three strengths of the design team.

(10 points)

2. Experience designing county health department buildings in NC. Three pages (20 points)

3. Experience with governmental or quasi-governmental office buildings in NC: Three pages (20 points)

4. Experience designing net zero energy public buildings in NC: Three pages {20 points)

5. Knowledge and skill of team: Two pages

Project team organizational chart with key personnel. The architect shall list design professionals whom it proposes to utilize on the project. Teams with recent experience together will receive maximum points.

(10 points)

6. Availability: One page

Statement of availability to undertake the project in the projected timeline for project completion. {10 points)

7. Location: One page

The county prefers an architect with an office that is within 50 miles of Lumberton. (10 points)


Proposals shall be delivered in a sealed package to the Robeson County Manager's office. Contact and location listed on the cover of this RFQ:

Proposals are due by 5 pm on Friday, July 7, 2023. All inquiries should be directed to Tammy Freeman who is the single point of contact for this. RFQ.


1. Should you find discrepancies in the RFQ documents, or if the meaning or intent of any part is unclear, written clarification may be requested, no later than seven {7) working days prior to the proposal due date, from the Issuing Office, which may issue a written Addendum to the RFQ.

2. Verbal explanations or instructions with respect to the RFQ will not be binding; only written Addenda may be relied upon.

3. The County reserves the right to waive all formalities regarding this RFQ.

Contact: Tammy Freeman, Clerk to the Board

Robeson County Admin Center Robeson County Manager's Office 550 North Chestnut Street Lumberton, NC 28358

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