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Robeson County













P.O. Box 1181

Lumberton, NC 28359

Office:  910-671-3250

Fax:  910-608-2267


MISSION STATEMENT:  “To Serve Others with Quality Care and Compassion”

CORE VALUES:       Come to Work

Do Your Job

Work Hard

Be Nice to People

Robeson County EMS provides EMT-Paramedic emergency medical care to the citizens of Robeson County and visitors within our boundaries. When sudden sickness or injuries occur, Robeson County EMS is capable, equipped and staffed to handle prehospital emergencies. We literally bring a mini Emergency Department to your door when an emergency arises.

​Robeson County EMS uses electronic Patient Care Reporting. All EMS units are equipped with Internet Access, IPADS, and Mobile data Terminals for mobile reporting. All response units feature Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) equipment, a GPS-based system that allows the emergency communications center to dispatch the closest available units to any incident.

2022 Data for RCEMS: 

In 2020 Robeson County EMS answered 27,095 calls, with assistance from our other system providers, a total of 39,334 calls were answered in the system.


Office Hours:           Monday-Friday 8:15-5:15

Service Hours:        24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Contact Information:


EMS Director – Patrick Cummings  A.A.S. EMT-Paramedic


Phone:  910-671-3250


EMS Assistant Director – Terry Vanderhall EMT-Paramedic


Phone:  910-671-3253


Training Officer - Christina O. Maynor  A.A.S., B.S.

Level II EMT-Paramedic Instructor


Phone:  910-272-5112


Training Officer QA /Q1 Specialist- Nestor Rivera  EMT-Paramedic

Level I EMT-Paramedic Instructor


Phone:  910-608-2265


Billing Information:

Stephanie Locklear - Billing Liaison

Phone:  910-608-2266

Bills /Record Request

PO BOX 1181

Lumberton, NC 28358

Fax:  910-272-7479


Billing Company: EMS/MC

Patient Customer Service: 800-814-5339

Non Emergency Transport

Robeson County NET



Operations Information:

Robeson County EMS operates 4 shifts.  A and B Shift Employees work permanent days while C and D work permanent nights.  RCEMS is staff with 64 full-time employees and 50 part-time employees.  Each shift operates a minimum of 7 ambulances.  All employees work 12 hour shifts (7am-7pm or 7pm-7am).  Depending on availability a peak time truck operates on a 12 hour rotation. Robeson County EMS operates from 8 discrete stations that are shared with local fire departments and rescue departments. 


Shift Captains

EMS 6 John Deese – A Shift

EMS 7 Jason Strickland-B Shift

EMS 8 Michaela Hammonds – C Shift

EMS 9 Jeremy Locklear – D Shift


Shift Lieutenants

EMS 10 Jonathon Pate-D Shift

EMS 11 April Dorsett – A Shift

EMS 12 Johnita Mitchell – B Shift

EMS 13 Vance Webb – C Shift


System Plan Members

Lumberton Rescue & EMS, Inc. – Paramedic

South Robeson Rescue – Intermediate

Rowland Rescue – EMT

Maxton Rescue – Intermediate

Pembroke Rescue – Paramedic

Red Springs Rescue – Paramedic

Red Springs Fire-EMT

St. Pauls – Paramedic

Parkton Fire – EMT

Southeastern Health Med Care/Inter-Facility – Paramedic

Air Life NC- Critical Care



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