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Political Signage


Effective December 1, 2019, the following provisions of Session Law 2019-119 go into effect. The most substantive changes for the counties are in Section 1.5, which amends the law related to candidates placing political advertising at voting places.


Littering Statute – Section 1

Section 1 amends the littering statute (G.S. 136-32) to provide that any political sign placed in the right-of-way of the State highway system more than 40 days after primary or election day is deemed unlawfully placed and abandoned property, and allows any person to remove that sign without penalty. It also amends subsection (f) of the statute pertaining to municipal-owned roads to require that any ordinance a municipality adopts to regulate the placement of political signs in the rights-of-way of the municipality must provide that signs remaining for more than 40 days after primary or election day are deemed to be unlawfully placed and abandoned property, and a person may remove and dispose of the political sign without penalty.


Political Advertising at Polling Places – Section 1.5

Section 1.5 amends G.S. 163-129 (the statute addressing buildings that are used as voting places) to require that the county board of elections ensure that each voting place allows candidates to place political advertising at the site 36 hours before the voting place opens and retrieve that political advertising 36 hours after the close of the voting place.



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