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To purchase goods and materials in accordance with North Carolina laws and Robeson County policies and procedures. To handle departmental purchasing requirements, assuring effective use of surplus property. To advise of the suitability, quality or quantity of equipment, material or supplies requisitioned, by department and send to the county manager for necessary approval.


Department Facts


Major Accomplishments:

  • Avoiding duplications, waste and obsolescence in departments.

  • Upgrading of Records Management/Jail Management System at the Sheriff’s Department. This system required complete re-structure of cable and network infrastructure. This process involved several vendors providing different components. Vendors were selected based on ability to perform the work needed as well as ability to service and upgrade. The Computer Aided Dispatch program will be installed allowing all agencies to be tied into a central system.


Contact Information


Betty Grimsley
Phone: 910-671-6220
Fax: 910-671-4301


Office Hours


Assessment Information

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