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Public Buildings



We are responsible for the maintenance, repair and housekeeping to all county public buildings which total approximately 750,000 sq. ft.

Department Staff

Director - Dwayne Hunt
Contact Email:

Administrative Operations Coordinator- Sarah Hunt

Contact Email:


Housekeeping operates on two shifts.

Department Facts

Public Buildings operates on two budgets- Public Buildings and Court Facilities totaling 2 million.

We here at the Public Buildings Department are please to be able to assist you in your emergency and non-emergency building, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and general maintenance and repair needs. Please feel free to call Dwayne Hunt, if you have any non-emergency needs such as construction, remodeling, renovations, additions, etc. to discuss the level of assistance our department can provide you in your needs.



Contact Information


Sarah Hunt

Administrative Operations Coordinator
Phone:  (910) 671-3017 or 671-6280
Fax:       (910) 737-4010

Dwayne Hunt



Office: 910-671-6280 or 910-671-3017

Fax: 910-737-4010

Office Hours

8:15 – 5:15


If you have an emergency or breakdowns in the buildings after hours please call in the order listed below:


  • On-Call Phone:  910-316-0904

  • Dwayne Hunt:  910-316-9970

  • Zachary Maynor 910-733-3480

  • Danny Chavis:  910-316-2141

  • Warford Maynor  910-734-1013

  • Roger Locklear:  910-316-3696

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