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Robeson County Community Development

Program Mission

The Community Development Department is made up of three different divisions: Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement. The role of the department is to foster public involvement and creativity and assist decision-makers and the public in formulating and implementing policies that balance environmental, economic, and social needs for the present and future. Process development permits, ensure that new construction is an asset to its surroundings, and ensure the safety and maintenance of buildings, property, and neighborhoods through enforcement of codes, public education with other County Departments.


Planning, zoning, code enforcement, minimum housing, and inspections are all managed from this office. Some of the functions that the Community Development Department are responsible for include:

• Zoning classification and subdivision regulations

• Issue and process rezoning petitions, rezoning appeals, and variances

• Maintain and update the zoning ordinance and official zoning map

• Review and process sign permit applications

• Development site plan review

• Review and process Special Use Permit applications

• Manage the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and Interpret FEMA flood maps

• Assign physical addresses within the County

• Issue Zoning Permit

• Interpret building setbacks and density/dimensional regulations

• Investigate and address minimum housing situations

• Issue Building Permit

• Issue or deny permits

• Make all necessary inspections to ensure code compliance

• Issue or deny certificates of compliance

• Issue or deny certificates of occupancy

• Issue stop-work orders or orders to correct violations

• Maintain adequate records of permits issued or denied, inspection made, corrections ordered, and certifications issued; and

• Take other actions that may be required to adequately enforce the building code

• Permit fees have been established by the Department of Inspection for building, insulation, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, mobile homes, signs, and fees for Special Use Permits, and Variance or Appeal to administrative decision permits.

• Review of Commercial Plans

• Review of Building Plans

Additional Information

Along with these responsibilities, The Robeson County Community Development Department continues to offer excellent customer service and serves as a point of contact for many other departments within the County. Please feel free to use our website to access the County Code of Ordinances, applications, meeting schedules and other information to assist you with your development needs within our County.

Contact Information:

Monday thru Friday 8:15 am to 5:15 pm

Permits cannot be issued after 4:00 pm


Office Phone: 910-272-6521

Fax: 910-618-5659



Office Phone: 910-272-6540

Fax: 910-618-5667


Robeson County One Stop
Robeson County Community Development (formally Robeson County Planning, Zoning, & Inspections)


Mailing and Physical Address

701 N. Elm Street

Lumberton, NC 28358


James Locklear, Community Development Administrator


Jackie S. Eason – Assistant Director, CZO, Review Officer



Robyn Ramsay-Planner I, CZO, Review Officer



Amber B. Davis, CZO, Review Officer  – Hazard Mitigation Specialist


Ted Brooks, Zoning Technician

office #:  910-272-6521


Ian Locklear, Minimum Housing Inspector

Office# 910-272-6521

Lezle Brewer – Inspection Technician



Richard Cummings – CEO


Adrian Freeman – CEO


McKenzie Sampson, Administrative Support Technician


Resource Links:

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